Sunday, 13 October 2013

Quiet, artist at work.

That's me below at my drawing board posing with some of the line art drawn for the "Tintin in Sri Lanka" story by Gyan Fernando.

The process is as follows:
Drawing 2B pencil on paper, traced in marker ink, pencil erased, scanned to computer, coloured on a software and saved as JPEG file.

Laughter is the best medicine

That's an old saying- still valid today. Reader's Digest has a section titled the same. The cartoons you seen below were drawn to illustrate some very funny stories written by Gyan Fernando- a retired doctor. (Now you see the link to medicine?).  The images below are in a random order.

Gyan and I share a few things in common.
1) He and I share a mutual interest in locomotives of the Sri Lanka Railways and
2) also in the Looney Tunes of the old Warner Bros. cartoons. Our sense of humour seems to run along the same track, as it were. He writes the jokes and I draw them.
3) We have lived in Sri Lanka and also the U.K for part of lives. Some of these stories take place in both these countries.

We have been "partners in crime" for over 10 years via the internet but only met face to face recently.

Some of these stories have been published along with some cartoons in the Plus section of The Sunday Times newspaper in Sri Lanka.
The best part is that you can access some of these stories by clicking on the link "Gyan's Ravings" on the right side of this blog page. So take a dose of your medicine now... enjoy.