Saturday, 28 April 2012

National animal cricket teams

From wallpapers junction website. Members of the animal kingdom representing each nation.
 New Zealand
 South Africa
 Sri Lanka
 West Indies
Out for a duck! It can happen to anyone.

Animated cricketers

From wallpapers junction website.
Bangladesh team

West Indies team

Houses in Rawang, Malaysia

Designed for a developer, private homes in Rawang, just north of Kuala Lumpur.
Architect- N. Senthilkumaran RIBA RAIA

Houses in the U.S. Pacific Islands

These are some unbuilt designs for private houses in Guam and on Hilo, Hawaiian Islands. Drawn for a design and build contractor with resources in Indonesia. Timber houses can withstand tropical storms and cyclones better than some masonry ones.
Architect- N. Senthilkumaran RIBA RAIA.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Architoons 1

Life as an architect has it's ups and downs, so it's best to look at the funny side. This post will be the first in a series of cartoons about architecture- themes will be general but some would be more appropriate to Singapore context.

(Sentosa Cove is an exclusive seaside development in Singapore.)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Indiana Jones Sri Lanka style?

In 1982, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas filmed Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on locations in Sri Lanka. More recently Dr. Gyan Fernando embarked on his own expedition- details of which can be found at:

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Locotoons- railway engines of the Sri Lankan Railways

Looctoons on Gyan Fernandos blog

Please click on the above link to see all of them on Gyan Fernando's blog. These were the very first cartoons of mine to be hosted on the internet.

Tintin in Sri Lanka

Tintin in Sri Lanka - some cartoons drawn for Gyan Fernando's story

Please click on this link to be magically transported to this story.

Elephant cenus

The Government of Sri Lanka decided to have a census of elephants in the island. That is, to count them. I'm not sure what the idea behind this was, but to me it seemed to throw up some humorous possibilites.........

Sketches of Pillaiyar

These sketches are by 4B pencil on Daler Rowney Arteco paper.
The Hindu diety Ganesh (Vignesh, Ganapathy are some other names) is thought of as the son of Siva and Parvathy in the Hindu pantheon. In Tamil he is known as Pilliayar- pillai meaning child. So I have shown him as a toddler doing the things that children of that age would do... and some other activity as well.

In the Tamil pantheon, Siva and Parvathy have a younger son, Murugan, so here are the boys playing together.

Here he is getting a scolding from his mother....
.........but boys will be boys, even if you are the son of Gods!

Test and first

As always, he's the first.