Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hit Cat

The other day on a Tamil channel on cable TV, I saw an advert for rat poison which basically stated that it would do the job of the cat. That set me thinking- an assassin cat, a hit man cat. Licensed to kill. So here's my version.

Babu comes to life

Babu is the name of this waiter who forms part of the logo for the trademark for "Curry in a Hurry" which I registered in Singapore in 1999 and have since renewed.
He lay dormant all these years until in January 2013 when my wife Ramani opened a food stall at Simei ITE College under this name.
Why don't you check out the food there on weekdays? Parking is free.Babu is ready to serve you with delicious spicy Sri Lankan and Indian meals to a home made recipe.

I named him Babu as it is a common South Asian name, easy to pronounce and remember.
Also one of our relatives nicknamed Babu works in the F&B industry in Europe.