Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Animal Antics

From an idea floated by our eldest daughter when she was just entering university. Playing around with common phrases.
 A Singaporean term referring to someone who is clueless. Sotong means squid in Malay- an animal not noted for it's high intelligence. Blur as in öut of focus" or not sharp.I think you get the picture.

 Common species in Singapore. O$P$ is shorthand for Owe Dollar, Pay Dollar, a threatening reminder to defaulters and late payers. They used to paint it on the door with pig's blood but now they use red paint....... due to acute shortage of pigs in Singapore.


Originally drawn for another website which I am winding down. Trains and cartoons have both been interests since childhood.
The Ghan-runs through Australia's outback.

 The 20th Century Limited- New York to Chicago
 Amtrak Surfliner- down the west coast of California
 Santa Fe Railroad's Chief
 Just plumb loco!

Dear Diary 15 May 2012

Some doodles from my diary during a meeting. Mainly birds this time.2B mechanical pencil.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Children's alphabet chart in Tamil

This is a project that I started in 1999. Actually it was earlier than that. I felt that there were some appealing alphabet charts in languages such as English, Chinese and Malay but none for Tamil children. All the stuff out there had crude, shoddily drawn pictures- no child would be attracted to them and want to learn.

I tried to interest some publishers while I was in Sri Lanka, but they all felt that they couldn't compete with the Indians. Later in Singapore, I tried again but same story. It was then my wife told me, "stop grumbling that others don't want to do it and do it yourself". So I self published.

"Thamil Thalir" was printed in Singapore and I have been selling it slowly through various outlets here and abroad. I still have quite a few copies left. The intention is to get young children interested enough that they would be keen the language.

It is a double sided A3 sheet laminated.